Monday, December 13, 2010

Helping you find Clark's Crossing

The school bus comes by everyday,  sometimes there are no other tracks on the road.

 I have no doubt that one of my biggest challenges in opening a new B&B out here will be letting people find out about us or helping them to find us, period.  For many, Clark's Crossing seems to be in the middle of nowhere, so I am putting this link to a beautiful map from the great google.  This map shows how the river winds it way from us, past Stockton and on to Spruce Woods Provincial Park.  If you keep following the river, you would end up at the Forks in Winnipeg.

One of the helpful "marketing" tips I received when attending the B&B Manitoba meetings was to list my location and website with google.  I have tried to be diligent in following up on all of their advice, but it takes time.  Things like putting a video on youtube will simply have to wait.

The middle of nowhere has a lot going for it.  I love it, actually.
It means one can cross-country ski down the snowy road and rarely meet a car.  It means having to get used to silence at night when you sleep.   "Ah, no sirens and cars..." There are no sidewalks or street lights, but we do have a yard light, if you turn it off you'll be in the dark.  This is very nice to see the stars up above and when your eyes adjust, you don't have any problem seeing where you are going.

I realize that many people will never discover Clark's Crossing B&B by the river, because it is so off the beaten track.  We are so far from conveniences, we're 15 minutes to Wawanesa, 45 minutes to Brandon, down roads where only deer lift their heads to look at you as you pass by.  We're 20 minutes to Shilo and 40 minutes to Spruce Woods Park, but I think in all that driving, there's only one stop sign.   It is a different kind of driving, without a lot of cars, stopping and turning.  You do have to keep your eyes open, to not hit wildlife.

Many people won't find this little place, because it is not on the way to anywhere.  This spot is on the scenic route, you won't find us unless you are really trying hard or you got completely lost on your way somewhere else.  By the way, you remember that pile of skis I have waiting for guests?  Well they are all cleaned up now, no dust or old wax on those old skis anymore.  They look just great.  What a nice gift that was from A&L Cycle and Ski in Brandon!  Grandpa has been out packing trails for us in the woods and over the river,  I haven't seen the snowmobile groomer come by, but I'm sure it won't be long.

Season's Greetings!
La Chela del banco de arboles - The Sheila from Treesbank

PS.  While I was typing this up, the phone rang.  Our first real reservation!  A couple from Brandon are coming out for two nights  this week!   I let him know that they'll  be our first guests and he sounded quite pleased!  What was best was he knew exactly where we are and they don't mind at all that the road is not paved to our doorstep!

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